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What it’s like to be a Plastic Surgeon

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Blog, Plastic Surgery Tips & Guides | 0 comments

A lot of people wonder what it’s like to be a plastic surgeon, and I got to tell you, it’s a pretty cool job. We really have fun. Our patients are, in general, healthy. They come in with a problem, we get a chance to fix them and change their life and make them happy, and that provides myself and my staff with a lot of happiness and joy to be able to do that for people.

It really isn’t just about the money here. We want to have satisfied, happy patients that will tell their friends about their experience. Today you can go on the internet and read reviews about anything and anybody, and we take that very seriously. We try our best to make sure that all of our patients would gladly give us a positive review. And the ones that aren’t happy, we try to get to the point that they are happy with the results and do what we can.

A lot of times I’m at parties and invariably when they find out that I’m a plastic surgeon, the conversation will always go to: “What’s going on in the plastic surgery world?” or “What can you do for me?” or “What’s wrong with my face?” And they ask sometimes “Doesn’t it get old?” And really, no, I like talking about plastic surgery, even after hours. It’s a great profession and very rewarding, and we do things for people just beyond the vanity, so to say.

We actually help people that have had birth defects, problems from cancer, and those are also some of our most rewarding times, when we’re able to take care of somebody who has been injured or deformed from surgery and requires our assistance. So it really is a great job and I always encourage medical students and residents who are interested in this field to pursue it, because I’ve really enjoyed my career.