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Saline vs. Silicone – And how to choose between them

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Blog, Plastic Surgery Tips & Guides | 0 comments

Breast Augmentation in Nashville, TN

There are many different reasons for women to consider breast augmentation. If you’re looking to increase self-esteem, transform your body after pregnancy or massive weight loss, or enhance the size of your breasts, your next question is: saline or silicone?

Implants can be made of different fillings

It’s important to know the very basic differences between silicone and saline implants before choosing before choosing between them. The main difference between saline and silicone is the fill of the implant. Saline breast implants are inserted empty and filled with sterile salt water once they’re in place. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel (thick fluid that feels like fat). The incision for silicone implants is slightly larger because it is pre-filled.

Potential health risks

Though uncommon, breast implants can rupture. If this happens, saline is absorbed into the body with no health risks. Silicone is also absorbed into the body and though it won’t cause any long-term health risks, it can cause pain in the breasts. Those with silicone implants may take longer to realize their implant has ruptured because they do not deflate in the same way saline does.

Aesthetic differences

Many women believe silicone implants look and feel more like natural breasts. Saline implants have a higher chance of rippling or wrinkling on the skin and some women believe they look more stiff and unnatural. Because the saline breasts are filled with water, some women report a more ‘water-balloon’ look as opposed to natural breast tissue. In thin women with moderate breast tissue, saline implants tend to look more round (which can be a good thing).

Age matters

Saline implants are available to women over the age of 18 but silicone implants are only available to women over the age of 22. The FDA ruled that women between 18 and 22 are not able to make long-term decisions about the effects of silicone implants.

And of course, price

Silicone implants can reach up to $1,000 more than saline.

The bottom line with silicone vs. saline is that with modern health, the differences are minimal. It is a personal preference and what is right for some women is not right for others. We can help walk you through the differences, discuss how each will look on your body, and help you make your own decision.