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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Nashville, TN

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing at Plastic Surgery Affiliates is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses CO2 laser technology to safely remove the outer layers of skin that cause uneven skin tone and texture. The CO2 laser used by Dr. MaDan is an ablative laser. It removes the uppermost layers of skin to trigger the body’s natural healing processes, boosting the body’s production of collagen and youthful appearing skin. CO2 laser skin resurfacing helps smooth away concerns including acne scarring, sunspots, fine lines and uneven skin texture.

How Much Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Cost?

The average cost of laser skin resurfacing is $XXXX, although this does vary by patient. We can discuss the details of your cost for CO2 laser skin resurfacing at the time of your consultation. For your convenience, Plastic Surgery Affiliates offers financing options for qualified patients.

What are the Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Benefits of getting laser skin resurfacing with Dr. Olivia MaDan at Plastic Surgery Affiliates include:

  • Improves the facial skin texture and appearance of acne scarring
  • Reduces fine lines and crow’s feet
  • Tightens mild sagging skin around the face
  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture
  • Reduces unwanted sunspots, age spots, and freckles

How is Laser Skin Resurfacing Performed?

CO2 laser skin resurfacing is performed by Dr. MaDan under IV sedation with local anesthetic in the surgery center. Before your laser skin resurfacing treatment begins, a topical anesthetic may be applied to your treatment area. Once numb, a local anesthetic can be used as well as IV sedation if needed. Quick bursts of CO2 laser are evenly applied to the skin. The entire procedure process typically takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.

What is the Recovery Time for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Because CO2 laser skin resurfacing is a minimally invasive treatment, there is no formal downtime or recovery period associated with treatment. Patients are able to return back to their normal daily activities, including work, almost immediately following treatment. Redness, swelling, and sensitivity to sun and heat are common, and typically subside within a few days of treatment. Peeling or sloughing of the skin will also occur over the next week or two revealing healthy new skin.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon for your laser skin resurfacing in Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Franklin, Smyrna and the nearby areas of Tennessee, entrust your care to Drs. Hueneke and MaDan, plastic surgeons with more than 20 years of combined experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.