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Breast Reconstruction in Nashville, TN

Breast cancer survivors are often left with permanent reminders of their disease whenever one or both breasts must be removed. Breast reconstruction surgery can rebuild the breast, helping women regain their self-esteem and enjoy a more feminine figure. Plastic Surgery Affiliates offers breast reconstruction to patients in Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville and the surrounding areas in Tennessee.

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What is Breast Reconstruction?

Many women undergo a mastectomy (removal of the breasts) due to breast cancer or another disease. While these women are happy to have done what was necessary to rid the cancer or disease from their bodies, many of these women tend to suffer from a low body image or poor self-esteem once their breasts have been removed. Through breast reconstruction, Nashville plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hueneke can reconstruct the breasts for a natural-looking result that enhances your appearance and gives you back your feminine curves. Breast reconstruction in Nashville, breast reconstruction in Brentwood and breast reconstruction in Hendersonville can also be performed on asymmetrical breasts, or on women who are unhappy with a breast augmentation performed by another plastic surgeon.

How is Breast Reconstruction Performed in Nashville?

Breast reconstruction in TN has improved tremendously over the last decade. Using a tissue expander, followed by placement of an implant, your surgeon is able to reconstruct the breast mound. It’s also possible to use your own tissue – transplanted from your belly, back or buttocks – to reconstruct the breast.

Following this first step, many women also choose to have nipple and areola reconstruction, which can be done through tattooing, transplanted tissue or both. Dr. Hueneke provides a variety of options for his Nashville breast reconstruction patients, Brentwood breast reconstruction patients and Hendersonville breast reconstruction patients, including skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with TRAM flap.

The good news is that federal law has mandated that insurance companies pay for these services since 1998. The consultation will take about one hour to fully discuss your options.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reconstruction in Nashville?

Breast reconstruction is often possible immediately following the removal of the breast, offering additional advantages to the patient. However, you should only undergo breast reconstruction once the cancer has been completely eliminated. Other key factors in determining your eligibility for Nashville breast reconstruction, Brentwood breast reconstruction and Hendersonville breast reconstruction include:

Overall health
The stage of your breast cancer
The size of your natural breast
The amount of tissue available for a flap procedure
Your desire to match the appearance of the opposite breast
Your desire for bilateral reconstructive surgery
Insurance coverage for the unaffected breast and related costs
The type of cancer treatment as well as choice of reconstructive procedure
The size of the implant or reconstructed breast

Recovery from Breast Reconstruction

Following your Tennessee breast reconstruction operation, you may feel tired and sore for up to two weeks after implant reconstruction. However, you’ll be able to manage the pain with medication. Most people can leave the hospital within one to six days, and you may need to keep a surgical drain to help remove excess fluids while the surgery site heals.

Depending on the type of procedures you choose, you could expect to be fully recovered in around six to eight weeks. Breast reconstruction requires a huge commitment from both the surgeon and patient. At least two to three surgeries are necessary and the process may take up to six months. The surgery, however, is extremely rewarding and we have many women who are willing to share their experiences.

What are the Typical Results of Nashville Breast Reconstruction?

Women who undergo Nashville breast reconstruction, Brentwood breast reconstruction and Hendersonville breast reconstruction often come out of it with an improved body image and self esteem. Breasts are restored to around the same size and shape as they were before the mastectomy, and the nipple and areola can also be reconstructed. To view results first-hand, check out our gallery of Nashville breast reconstruction before and after photos.

Although every patient and procedure is unique, the Nashville breast reconstruction before and after photos are invaluable when it comes to gaining a better understanding of what you can expect from the Tennessee breast reconstruction procedure.

What are Nashville Breast Reconstruction Costs?

Since breast reconstruction is a highly individual procedure, prices will vary accordingly. To learn more about Nashville breast reconstruction prices, call for a consultation today.

Plastic Surgery Affiliates has a highly trained, professional and compassionate staff that is eager to set up a one-on-one meeting with you to discuss all of your Nashville breast reconstruction options. They are proud to offer breast reconstruction surgery to patients in Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville and across the region.

Dr. Michael Hueneke offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Tennessee including: Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Smyrna and Lebanon. If you have recently undergone a mastectomy and are interested in breast reconstruction, please contact Plastic Surgery Affiliates today. Contact Dr. Michael Hueneke today to schedule your Free Breast Reconstruction Consultation!