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Breast Lift in Nashville, TN

What is a Breast Lift?

If your breasts hang lower or your nipples are oriented downward, you may be a candidate for a breast lift by Drs. MaDan and Hueneke. Sagging breasts happen for many reasons, but overall the process is the same. Your skin is stretched beyond the point where natural elasticity can hold breast shape. This may be due to milk production during pregnancy or having excess fat in the breasts. Aging also affects elasticity in the skin, so even if you do not gain fat or breast tissue, you may still develop some degree of sagging.

A breast lift re-orients the breasts to give them a more perky and natural shape. Our skilled surgeons achieve this by making incisions in the breast, typically from the bottom of the areola downward to the breast crease, and removing excess skin and fat.






What is the Cost of a Breast Lift?

The average cost of a breast lift  does vary by patient. We can discuss the details of your cost for a breast lift at the time of your consultation. For your convenience, Plastic Surgery Affiliates offers financing options for qualified patients.

What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

  • Reduces sagging and loose skin that give the breasts an aged appearance
  • Secondary benefit of helping the breasts look larger due to the breast tissue being compressed into a smaller area
  • Can be combined with breast augmentation

What is the Recovery Time for a Breast Lift?

Expect your breasts to be swollen and tender for the first two weeks after the breast lift procedure. You will wear a compression bandage to help minimize swelling, and you should keep this in place until Drs. Hueneke and MaDan say it is no longer needed. Restricting your activities is important, as this helps manage swelling and ensures the tissues heal properly.

As the incisions begin to heal, you will see a pinkish scar line develop. This will eventually fade somewhat and change to a color that is slightly darker than your skin tone.

Full healing from breast lift surgery can take several months.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon for your breast lift in Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Franklin, Smyrna, and the nearby areas of Tennessee, entrust your care to Drs. Hueneke and MaDan, plastic surgeons with more than 20 years of combined experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.